No Other Soap Like It.

(To anyone reading this post, please note that I talk to myself an awful lot, everyone needs expert advice, who best to give it than me. I also side talk to my imaginary audience. Any time I’m talking to myself and/or my imaginary audience, I mostly use brackets… Like this, this is one of those moments)

So, I got a new job plus all the advancements coming my way (I thank God), I had to change my wardrobe from the casual jeans and graffiti t-shirt to a more ‘sophisticated’ smart casual and almost official kinda dressing, no off course I couldn’t do full suits since I’m too young for suits, or so I tell myself (though I know I can pull them off really well) also because I don’t want to lose all my friends overnight (Though I think they would still hold on to me for my ‘supposed’ success). The two ladies that really helped me select the clothes would rather not be mentioned here. I wonder why…

This is not about me though. Just kidding, it’s mostly about me.

On a normal day –which is really everyday-, I look real nice. I look like the type of guy who you would entrust trust your daughter to for the evening, or someone who you would expect to pull out a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge (I really hope this is not Trademark infringement. If it is, Samsung please don’t sue me, I can’t afford it at the moment. Let’s talk in a couple of years), or someone who would park a Jaguar XJ 2009 in the neighborhood (again, Jaguar let’s talk in a couple of years). Point is, I look really presentable.

I think this is the point where I say I have not been paid to write this article by anyone. Would’ve been cool if I was, but I wasn’t, or I haven’t gotten to that level yet.

We’ve already established I look amazing and… Oh! I think I forgot to tell you my skin complexion is dark, hence, I can pull off almost anything. Apart from the lack of futuristic gadgets, you can easily mistake me for an African James Bond (Yea, get in the line. See you in a couple of years). Anyway, back to the main story, I look amazing in almost anything. But then the next problem presents itself, you wear clothes, you look real nice, you get the occasional winks (from ladies of course) and a few phone numbers on occasion, you also get a few guys who look at you and admire your attire (I hope that’s all they admire).

I must’ve forgotten to tell you, I digress a whole lot.

Now back to the story, after you shine and look like Bond, the clothes get dirty. Then comes the next –and most tedious- stage… cleaning. I would go into justifying why I don’t have a washing machine but I don’t want to digress.

I clean the old way.

Occasionally, I let some lady I’ve never met do it for me then I pay her, long story (trying not to digress). But on this particular day, I felt like taking on mount ‘dirt-clothe’. I felt like king of the world… I took all my dirty clothes and put them in a basin. The battle of the year, a Floyd Mayweather Vs. Manny Pacquiao of sorts. It was me against the clothes. This time, it would be different, this time I would not back out. I was in it to clean it (them, in it to clean them but for rhyming sake).

I took the clothes (minus the jeans, who cleans those? So tedious!), and just when I was ready to start, I realized I didn’t have powder soap. This was the perfect time to back off, but no, I had come too far. Vini, Vidi, Vici.

So I went to the mama Chris’  shop and bought detergent, I didn’t know which to pick so the lady just sold me Sunlight detergent.

When I started cleaning, I’ve never felt my hand so smooth while I was cleaning. And not just my hands, the clothes as well seemed to be enjoying the cleansing.

The dirt was running off my clothes as the Israelites did Egypt (without the Pharaoh -dirt- coming after them bit), my, was I loving how easy this was.

I have washed clothes all through my upper primary forever since, but I have never seen clothe cleaning be so easy, so effortless.
I have to give it to Sunlight detergent, the washing was very enjoyable.

The way it just foams so easily and still retains strength even after adding more than half the original amount to the first cleaning water.

After rinsing, you could tell the clothes were clean and they had this pleasant fragrance even through the wash.

One major problem I had with other brands (which I will not name for local Trademark infringement issues) is they always left my hands feeling itchy and so terrible and my cuticles all over. This segment makes me look very feminine, I’m not.

I have to say, Sunlight really put the shine to my clothes. I look forward to dirtifying them again (minus the jeans of course, they’re still dirty).

Thank you sunlight washing detergent.



5 Replies to “No Other Soap Like It.”

  1. Nice piece. Try Citificial(not doing an ad for them) for your closet. Change is inevitable. You have proven that without a doubt. 😃😉


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