Cat we just get along?


Nine Lives
Here’s the breakdown, it’s Christmas, time to be jolly and all that, guys have gone upcountry to point at chicken with car keys and ‘try’ milking cows with 6 inch high heels. I say try, because it’s what most of you grew up to. Suddenly, five years living in tao and you’ve suddenly forgotten how to walk bare-feet. I risk being called feminine and mscheeew you.
My neighbor has a cat, it’s around three months old, has brown hairy fur and the usual creepily demonic eyes. I’m no huge fan of cats, but every time I’m over at her place, I do pet it for a few seconds then detach myself just when the cat seems like it’s getting a little too attached. Me ‘liking’ the cat has helped my foster amazing neighborly relations as I only moved there a couple of months back.
Now, the neighbor has gone upcountry and since I have no plans and no significant other, my Christmas was foreseen to be a lonely solitary affair; which is totally not true, I had planned to binge watch How to get away with murder season three. I’m a huge Viola Davis fan. Thus, she pleaded to leave me the cat to ‘keep me company’ and requested me to keep watch of the neighborhood. I didn’t want to take the cat but it seemed like I was her last resort so I accepted to play the pet loving and caring neighbor and took the cat. When it got into my house, it immediately run out back to her house, a feeling of relief rose as I thought she would see the cat’s desperation and leave the conniving feline a million miles away from me, but she didn’t “Argh, atazoea” (it’ll get used) she said. At that very moment, I knew I was stuck with a cat for an unknown amount of time.
The night of
She was long gone, I’d locked the cat in the house to familiarize itself with the new -AND TEMPORARY- environment. I had gone to buy supper and pass by my movie guy… Before I left the house, we had a candid talk with the feline that if I found any poop in my house, I’d hang it (the cat) the whole night and leave it suspended. When I came back, it was calm and nothing in my house was out of order. Which was a shame as I’d have loved to see a cat dangling from the ceiling all night.
We, (yes, we) watched a few episodes of the movie series Shooter, and then slept. I was reading an article a month ago that was saying if you sleep in a new environment, your mind is usually half alert. This was no new environment, but the experience was relatable. I couldn’t sleep, I kept wondering what if the cat pounced on me and scratched my face, oh my face!
I started getting drowsy, then at that very moment, the cat got onto the bed, my bed! Who does it think it is? Garfield? I immediately shoved it off the bed… but then I started wondering if it landed on its feet.
The guilt
I’ll admit it, the feline had started growing on me. Earlier, it curled up against my feet as we were watching the movie.
“Puss, puss…” I whispered just to ascertain it landed well.
There was no response.
“Puss, puss…” I cried out, this time with more concern, even I felt it.
I turned the lights on and it was there, on the floor, giving me the look.
I took my pillow and placed it on the ground, I gave it my pillow! Who was I turning into? Ace Ventura!?
It didn’t even bug me as much, I soon switched off and slept like a log.
The morning after
I woke up to find it curled on the back part of my knees, it felt comfortable, and so did I, was I growing attached? What would I give it next, my breakfast? A standing invitation?
This had to end… on my way to church, I thought of ending the poor cat’s journey before it grew on me. I’d have a lot of explaining to do, but I could hack it, I’m Kairu, the spider killer.
The plot
The thought hasn’t left me and I am interested to see if the nine lives story checks out.
I’ll end here to skip the self-incriminating part…
I’ll fill you in on the details later.
Please note I’ve refused to name the cat as I don’t want to get more attached.
Also, no cats we’re harmed in the writing of this article -yet!



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